Bezpieczeństwo IT




Technical services:
From the very beginning, Silpol has offered computer repair service as well as outsourcing IT. This IT outsourcing relieves our clients of daily IT responsibilities - both in personnel and in infrastructure. Our experience and ongoing care ensure that every IT element will work properly and with minimum downtime. This IT outsourcing creates a virtual employee who is never sick and never needs vacation days. Your virtual employee is at your disposition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your virtual employee does not require insurance and ongoing training, thus reducing your costs.


We also offer the following additional outsourcing solutions:

-Warranty and non-warranty repair of computers and peripheral equipment
-Installation of computer systems and networks
-Diagnosis and systematic audits of network safety
-Preventative on-site visitsRegular maintenance
-Modification and augmentation of equipment and systems
-Oversight and maintenance of computer systems
-IT consultation and ongoing training


ERP Software

- Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV CRM

- Comarch's Semiramis ERP


IBM iSeries/i5 Servers

Since it was introduced to the market in 1988, the IBM iSeries computer system has provided a strong platform for various applications: financial, production, and distribution. In addition to its diverse features, the iSeries has been well received by end users. Included in the price of the iSeries/i5 system are: relational data base (DB2 Universal Database for AS/400), operating system (OS/400), virtual Java, WWW server, tools for creating and ensuring safety, and at least one processor.
Our significant experience and certification in the iSeries/i5 allow us to offer our clients specialized i5 service and components.


Programming Tools

We focus on solving programming problems through proper server functioning - both in monitoring its proper functioning and in increasing the safety of your data. To this end, we make use of the following packages:

QUICK_EDD/HA - Allows to get security of your applications in real-time between QUICK-EDD HA 2 systems and assures you the continuity of your production server in case of disaster or maintenance.

TANGO/04-BSM - (Business Service Management) - Allows for long distance, real-time monitoring and modification of systems, networks and servers from one convenient location. In addition, this software platform allows for automatic notifications of problems and solutions for those problems.

POWERLOCK - Effectively increases safety while utilizing the iSeries system, using industry-standard exit-points (FTP, ODBC, DDM, telnet etc.). This platform provides auditing and report generation capabilities, as well as generating detailed security profile for user system rights.

aXes - Dynamically transforms iSeries/i5 entry screens into industry-standard XML. This allows the full use of iSeries/i5 applications through the use of a simple browser - such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Spool++ - Solves the vast majority of printing problems with iSeries/i5 Windows applications.

REVBACKUP - Allows for the quick return of data and functioning of iSeries/i5 system.


Intel Servers

We have significant experience in providing Intel platform servers. We also provide Intel-based, specialized diagnostic programming and monitoring of Intel servers. We are able to create optimized systems for specific functions. Our many references and specialized certificates attest to our success in this area.


PC Sales and peripheral equipment

We can provide work stations, transportable computers, servers, monitors and other peripheral equipment (printers, scanners, tape drives, UPS`s). We tailor our suggestions to the client`s needs, expectations and budget.


Cabling and Network Installation

In our cable installations, we design and install utilizing Reichle & de Massari products, the present market leaders. In building LAN and WAN networks, we utilize 3COM, Motorola, and Cisco materials and products, known to be world-wide leaders in this field. Networks installed by us will function properly with all of current computer networks and telecommunication systems.


Network Monitoring (utilizing PacketSeeker)

PacketSeeker, a tool for monitoring and generating reporting on network activity on all seven layers of the ISO-OSI model, enhances the proper functioning of hundreds of applications. This package also allows for dynamically changing port use or transmitting data via standard ports utilized by other, classical applications (eg. port 80). In addition to our network monitoring service, we encourage the use of this tool which is contained in our offers.


Computer supplies and peripherals

Our company is also equipped to offer the sale of peripheral operational equipment produced by the best known companies on the market. Among other things we can provide tapes, toners, ink cartridges, magnetic tapes for archiving, and cleaning tapes for tape drives.